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Nourishing Communities

Through Culinary Excellence!

At Russell Hendrix, we believe in the power of food to bring joy, foster connections, and create positive change in the world. RH Cares, our new corporate social responsibility program, is designed to make a lasting impact on the culinary industry, tackle food insecurity, and celebrate those who dedicate themselves to uplifting their communities.

Our Commitment

Supporting Culinary Schools, Students & Associations

We understand the significance of education and mentorship in nurturing culinary talent. Through RH Cares, we are dedicated to providing invaluable support to culinary schools, aspiring students, and culinary associations. Our contributions will include donations of essential small wares, cutting-edge commercial foodservice equipment, and innovative tools that empower budding chefs to reach their full potential. Additionally, we aim to create culinary grants, sponsorships, and scholarships to enable aspiring talents to pursue their dreams and make their mark in the culinary world.

Addressing Food Insecurity

We recognize the pressing issue of food insecurity that affects countless communities across the nation. RH Cares is committed to standing alongside national and local food security charities, supporting their vital efforts to combat hunger and ensure that no one goes without a nutritious meal. Our program will involve providing necessary commercial foodservice equipment, tools and resources to aid these organizations in their mission to create a hunger-free world, one meal at a time.

Recognizing Community Champions

At RH Cares, we believe that the true essence of culinary excellence lies not just in creating delicious dishes but also in giving back to society. Our teams will actively participate in local Culinary Events, highlighting and recognizing the invaluable contributions of individuals who selflessly dedicate their time and skills to uplift their communities through food-centric initiatives. These culinary champions inspire us all to make a difference and remind us of the transformative power of food.


The RH Cares Team is also proud to support the work of the Yonge Street Mission in addressing food insecurity and offering much-needed assistance to individuals and families in need.

We’re proud to be able to donate True Commercial Refrigerators to enhance YSMs capacity to store and provide fresh, nutritious food to those who rely on their support every day.

Our priority is ensuring all have access to nutritious meals. Recently, we demonstrated this commitment through partnership with Loaves & Fishes in Brockville.

We’ve donated a Robot Coupe Food Dicer for efficient meal prep, reducing costs and waste. Our hands-on support shows our dedication to community impact, addressing both immediate and long-term needs.