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We take the security of your information very seriously. All information provided during the checkout process is sent through a secure connection. We utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to create a secure connection. Our SSL Certificates are provided by Thawte a very trusted and reliable name in the field.

With an SSL Certificate on our web server, any information sent to our web server is encrypted or scrambled, making it impossible to intercept or steal. This means your information is transferred to our web server safely and securely. All the information is stored in a protected highly secure database.

All our credit card transactions are handled by Bambora, another known and trusted name. Bambora is committed to ensuring the integrity of payment information, and the prevention of credit card fraud. They work with the card associations to ensure that their e-commerce payment processing solutions are secure and in complete compliance with their rules and regulations.

For further information about Bambora, please visit their website: Bambora

If you have any questions about the security on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. email